Phone and Tablet Specialized Services

BCSI now offers an investigative service that has a particular focus on smartphone and/or tablet users who require assistance securing their settings and features. Our smartphones and tablets are the most important tools of today’s society and a number of us do not take the extra necessary precautions to secure the information stored on these devices.

If you are someone who is uncomfortable with technology and are unfamiliar with all the settings that can be enabled and used to protect your device, then this service can assist you in protecting your mobile device.

If you have a child or children at home and have any concerns about the usage of the device, we can assist you in enabling various parental control features to limit the access to a variety of applications and information that you yourself may store on the phone.

We specialize in both Apple and Android operating systems and can answer any questions you may have regarding the security settings, privacy settings and features that you may want to enable. We can also ensure certain settings are disabled and/or enabled to keep your device as protected and secure as possible from malware or other harmful hacks. In line with this specialized service, we also have an added feature for data recovery.