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Newsletter Archives

Volume 9 – All Issues

  • Topics Include:
    • CRA Scams
    • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
    • Hey Smart Home, Why are you Hacking Me?
    • Don’t be Robbed of your Holiday Vacation!
    • Finding Love during the Holidays
    • Protecting Yourself on Social Media
    • My Child is being Cyberbullied! What do I do?!
    • The Code of Emoji’s
    • Slender Man, Momo, and the Blue Whale Challenge
    • Scammers Targeting the Elderly in Tax Season
    • Romance Scams
    • Money Laundering in B.C.
    • Rental Scams

Volume 8 – All Issues

  • Topics Include:
    • Technology is the newest accomplice for criminals
    • Online Global Fraud

Volume 7 – All Issues

  • Topics Include:
    • Android Security
    • Childproof Settings
    • Online Dating
    • Tax Fraud
    • Spring Break Travel Tips
    • Overpayment and Cheque Scams
    • Job Seekers Beware
    • Advance Fees and Prepayment Scams
    • Car Hacking
    • Android App Security Improvements
    • Home Improvement Scams
    • Identity Theft
    • Rental Scams
    • Emergency Scams
    • Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams
    • Hacked Home/Business Security Cameras
    • The Dark Side of Dating Apps and Online Dating
    • The European Union Combats Cyber Bullying
    • Bitcoin Scams
    • Phishing Scams
    • Dangerous Apps Your Kids Might Be Using
    • Your Device’s Apps Are Selling Your Info
    • The Truth About Fitness Trackers
    • iOS 10 Update
    • Personal Hacking
    • Hacking a Small Business
    • What is Health Benefits Abuse and Fraud?
    • How Insurance Fraud is Committed?
    • Who is Affected by Health Insurance Fraud?
    • How to Mitigate Health Insurance Fraud?
    • Online Shopping Scams
    • Travel Scams
    • Elder Scams

Volume 6 – All Issues

  • Topics Include:
    • Online Dating Scams
    • The Grey Market
    • Smartphone Security
    • Elder Abuse
    • Traveling Safety
    • Fraud Prevention