Private Investigations

BCSI offers a multitude of unique and specialized investigative services with a focus on superior results and client service.

Our Comprehensive Integrated Investigative System (CIIS) is unique to BCSI and based on 20 years of successful results. This advanced integrated system is used for all investigations and adapted to each specific case and the intended results.

All of our cases can be adapted for potential civil litigations and/or criminal charges. BCSI provides complete lawyer support and can provide evidence and testimonies to support your case.

From missing persons to “DNA Tests” BCSI offers the most advanced investigative services using state of the art equipment. Our Firm’s success rate is over 90%.

Specialized Integrated Investigations

Our agents have investigated crimes such as, cyber-crimes, due diligence, assaults, murders, fraud, missing persons, infidelity matters, family issues, personal injuries, medical malpractice, financial matters, international thefts, embezzlement, harassment, and other specialized investigations.

Other types of investigative services and undercover operations can be customized to your specific needs.

Travel Investigations

Crimes that occur in other countries while traveling are often difficult to investigate. Our team of investigators can travel to the location of the crime and assist with the investigation. The investigation may be on land, on a train, airplane, or cruise ship.

Our global network of investigators can assist you with these complex investigations and ensure that you receive the best support from local resources. Our Firm also ensures that if a crime is committed overseas, the evidence is protected and that a proper investigation is conducted. Our services can cover investigations such as fraud, assaults, missing persons, and international fraud.

Cruise Ship Crime

Travel crime is frequent and often difficult to report and prosecute. The laws in overseas countries are different and in some cases non-existent. Therefore one of our investigative specialists can give you guidelines on how to proceed if a crime is committed while traveling and can help coordinate the investigation.

Crime aboard cruise ships is on the rise due to the size of the ships and the number of people choosing this type of travel. In a recent report the USA Government Accounting office stated that out of the 287 alleged crimes from January 2010 to September 2013 only 81 have been acknowledged by the FBI. Meanwhile, only 8 types of crimes require reporting: homicide, suspicious death, missing U.S. national, kidnapping, assault with serious bodily injury, theft of money or property over $10,000.00, and certain sexual offenses. Based on the fact that only certain offenses are reportable, BCSI can assist you with these investigations or any other matter at sea.

DNA Analysis

Our forensic associates can assist with DNA tests when paternity or other identity issues are relevant to the case. These tests may use blood stains, body fluids, saliva, or hair follicles. We are able to assist through a simple buccal swap with paternity and maternity tests, sibling tests, grandparent tests, aunt, uncle, and twin tests.

In these cases a specimen is collected from each party and analysed within 5 business days. These private tests are essential before any type of legal actions are considered.

In many of our cases individuals want to know the results for their own purpose without any legal considerations.

DNA analysis can also be used in civil and criminal cases and entered as evidence.

Technology Based Crimes


Cyber-crimes have now reached epidemic levels; the crimes are often international and identification and jurisdiction issues are common.

  • Cyber bullying
  • On-line fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Computer and smart phone fraud
  • Social network fraud and solicitation
  • Virus propagation
  • Libel
  • Defamation
  • Data mining
  • Phishing

Identity Theft

Identity theft has reached epidemic proportions, from the bold theft of smart phones and personal items to cyber espionage, your privacy is at risk on a daily basis. Identity theft is best described as identity fraud and impersonation. In many cases the victim is not aware that their identity has been stolen or how it was stolen. This pandemic has a multitude of personalities including but not limited to: ABM and debit card skimming, credit card fraud, on-line transactions, phishing sites, mail and e-mail thefts, computer hacking, social network terrorism, internet impersonation, and many other forms. Often e-mails or websites that appear legitimate are designed only to obtain your personal information which is then re-sold to criminal organizations.

These types of identity theft fall under several categories:

  • Criminal identity theft (posing as another person when apprehended)
  • Financial identity theft (using another person’s identity to obtain credit, goods, and services)
  • Identity cloning (using another person’s information to assume his/her identity in daily life)
  • Medical identity theft (using another person’s identity to obtain medical care or drugs)
  • Child identity theft

There are also a multitude of ways to steal your personal information:

  • Dumpster and garbage diving
  • Personal data from discarded smart phones, tablets, computers, USB drives
  • Internet surveys
  • Skimming from ABM’S or card readers
  • RFID enabled products (contactless credit cards)
  • Shoulder surfing at WI-FI locations
  • Spyware and malware
  • Computer hacking
  • Bogus job offers
  • Fraudulent on-line loan applications
  • Insider access of privileged IT users
  • E-mail impersonations of trusted organizations; government agencies, banks, corporate websites, data collection forms.
  • Attacks on weak passwords and re-direction of data
  • Browsing of social networks for personal information
  • Using false pretenses to trick individuals (pretexting)
  • Stealing cheques
  • Guessing Social Security numbers and financial information based on information obtained on social networks.
  • Downloading pictures found on social network sites
  • Befriending strangers on social network sites and taking advantage of their trust until financial information is given or funds wired to their account

Identity theft can be used to facilitate or fund other crimes including illegal immigration, terrorism, phishing and espionage. It can also be used to steal your funds from your bank account and process illegal transactions on your credit card. It can take years for your credit rating to recover.

BCSI has successfully investigated different types of impersonation, breach of privacy, and identity thefts. There are apps on the market to steal someone’s identity through spyware and other on-line tools.

Undercover Operations

Our undercover operations can be customized to the specific needs of the client. From covert business undercover buys to sophisticated on-line operations, our integrated services are unique and results based oriented.

Our covert operations offer a unique way to identify criminals and prosecute individuals and companies even when the suspect is located in another country.  Technology based crime is often faceless as the on-line suspect is often unanimous and hiding behind bogus identities.

Technology has obviously bypassed enforcement and identity theft, cyber bullying, fraud, and other cyber-crimes have reached epidemic levels. It is clear that the physical break ins have now become virtual and an unprotected smartphone, tablet, or computer can give a criminal access to all of your information and assets.

Our approach based on forensic analysis is highly integrated and effective and has been successful in many civil litigations over the past 20 years.

Social Networking and On-line Identity Monitoring

Our investigative services can monitor your presence and/or your family on-line. This approach prevents damages that can be done to your reputation and/or finances.

This service is available on a one-time fee or on a monthly retainer basis. This service ensures that you, your family, and your business are safe while on-line.

Cyber-crime Statistics:

  • The cost of cyber-crime escalated 78% in 2013.
  • The average cost to resolve a single attack totals more than $1 million.
  • The average annualized cost of cyber-crime per organization ranged from $1.3 million to $58 million in 2013.
  • Corporate organizations experienced an average of 122 successful attacks per week in 2013 which was increased from 102 in 2012.
  • The average time to resolve a cyber-attack was 32 days.
  • Recovery and detection are the most costly internal activities.
  • Web-based attacks and insiders account for more than 55% of overall annual cyber-crime costs per organization.
  • The cost per cyber-crime victim is up 50%
  • The countries where the greatest percent of the population of victims are Russia (85%), China (77%), and South Africa (73%).
  • Cyber-crime victim count (estimate):
  • Victims per year = 556 million
  • Victims per day = over 1.5 million
  • Victims per second = 18
  • Identities Exposed = more than 232.4 million
  • More than 600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised every day.
  • 1 in 10 social network users admitted to falling victim to a scam or fake link on social network platforms.
  • Percentage of cyber-crime victims by gender:
  • Male = 71%
  • Female = 63%
  • 59% of ex-employees admitted to stealing company data when leaving previous jobs.

On-line Fraud

On-line fraud is one of the most frequent and financially damaging crimes of the new millennium. The frequency of these offenses are staggering and can damage someone’s financial profile for many years and can in some cases bankrupt an individual.

The network of individuals which target seniors and other targets are highly sophisticated, global, and very hard to track. These individuals belong to organized crime networks with highly sophisticated techniques and were created only for the purpose to gather personal data which can later be sold to fraudulent parties or used for their own purpose.

Money wiring services and on-line banking are prime targets for these individuals. Due to jurisdiction issues, privacy laws, lack of precedents, and bogus on-line identities, these criminals are hard to locate and therefore it is difficult to recover the missing funds.

Integrated Investigative Services

The delivery of our investigative services is as unique as our Firm. The integration of all our security services and the extensive use of on-line methodology ensures the most effective results in a timely fashion. Our state of the art approach ensures that the best results are obtained within a proposed budget.

Private Investigations for Individuals

Our personal investigative services are as unique as the individuals who use our services.

Our personal services are highly specialized and also deal with on-line issues including cyber bullying and stalking.

Our “Personal Investigative” services include:

  • Identity theft
  • Stalking and harassment
  • Cyber and physical bullying
  • Missing person
  • Personal injury investigations
  • Negligence cases
  • Investigative due diligence
  • Fraud (physical and virtual)
  • Matrimonial matters and infidelity
  • Civil litigation support
  • Civil matters
  • GPS Tracking
  • Family estate matters
  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and internet matters
  • Computer forensics
  • DNA (paternity)
  • Teenage monitoring (physical and virtual)
  • Electronic debugging (listening device location)

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying beings with youth and the lack of knowledge of how words can effect and harm another person’s life and well being. Online bullying has grown in numbers over the years and has become a serious problem. Who is affected by cyber bullying?  We all are affected by the words of others, as this can ruin the reputation of someone that you know or a friend of friend.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is a term used when describing a youth who harasses, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, or embarrasses another person, either directly or indirectly through an electronic device such as the internet, or mobile phone.

Who is a cyber-bully?

Your first reaction would be “I have never been a cyber-bully”, and that is because the public doesn’t understand what it truly means to be a cyber-bully.  We all at one point and time have been a “cyber-bully”, by sending a text message, sending an email, or commenting on a Facebook link to one of our friends.  We might not remember the old saying “words can destroy and hurt”, but it’s true.

We are seeing an increase in the number of teenagers committing suicide due to the actions of words and pictures that are sent into the cyber world.

Why does cyber-bullying happen?

Cyber bullying starts when one youth decides to humiliate or harass another youth by the use of electronic devices. This youth may start by saying harmful words and progressively get worse over time, as the attention that this youth may get provides them with a growing demand for more attention.

Cyber bullying provides the youth with a sense of power as they start to see and hear others around them talking about what they “saw on-line” about the cyber bully’s target. Many underlying reasons create that feeling of being trapped and unworthy to all around, and the youth may find that targeting a certain peer member will release their own pain.  Most teens do not understand or know how to deal with certain life problems, so they lash out to hurt others without realizing what they are doing.

How to deal with cyber bullying

As parents we have to monitor our children at all times, and teach them that “words” can destroy and hurt another people.  Children start bullying at a very young age, and due to social media sites we as the adults have to be vigilant and consistent with how our children think, act, perceive the world, and how they feel inside.

Personal Injury Investigations

Our specialized investigative services can assist you in proving your case in civil court. From falling off a horse to other sports and motor vehicle accidents, BCSI can assist you with proving your case in court. This may involve a complete accident scene analysis and in some cases reconstruction and the forensic interview of witnesses. Our in-depth investigation will help establish the circumstances of the incident and the potential underlying causes. BCSI may then proceed to the initial management and emergency response format to determine if the response was adequate. BCSI can then assist with the determination of potential liability based on the evidence gathered. The investigation may also involve undercover physical and/or on-line operations.

Our comprehensive report and/or supporting affidavits can then be entered in court.

Due diligence

Our integrated due diligence services are highly effective and provide superior results.

Background searches are critical for many reasons but are primarily used to determine a person’s character and problematic issues they may have had in the past.

Due diligence was originally used by corporations to identify the worthiness of potential strategic alliances and clients but is now used by the public at large.

Our unique integrated system is based on the concept of synergetic integration of field investigation, database, social network, and internet research.

This highly effective due diligence system applies to the following services:

  • Pre-employment screening and background checks
  • Pre-investment research
  • Prenuptial investigations
  • Business partnerships
  • Tenant investigations
  • Medical malpractice investigations
  • Employment history verification
  • Educational background confirmation
  • Litigation history civil/criminal
  • Credit report background
  • On-line dating site research

This due diligence system can be customized to the specific needs of a company.

Pre-employment Screening

Our pre-employment screening and background investigations provide a comprehensive profile prior to employment or contractual relationship. BCSI can help you or your company take the guesswork out of hiring employees, choosing business associates, or tenants and ensuring that you pick the best applicant.

These background checks can minimize your exposure to potential civil litigations as a result of the actions of an employee and/or associate. Therefore, this approach decreases the risk of vicarious liability due to negligent hiring practices. Other workplace issues such as internal theft and fraud are also prevented.

Our services include:

Background checks

  • Criminal record checks
  • Civil litigation searches
  • Credit and bankruptcy reports
  • Driver’s abstract*

*subject to provincial regulations

Other services include:

  • Database research
  • Covert operations
  • Medical malpractice investigations

Pre-investment Research

Our pre-investment research ensures that you make the most informed decision about your investments. Unsolicited e-mails, message board postings, and company news releases should never be used for information or reference.

Research before you invest

Our unique and specialized services can help you identify concerns based on integrated database cross-references. BCSI can also perform complete due diligence of the investment advisor and/or broker selling the investment. The internet has made our investment possibilities global but has also opened the door for international organized crime to benefit from unsophisticated investors looking for a quick return.

On-line Dating

Have you ever gone on-line to find that “special person”, “soul mate” or the “love of your life”?  Most of us have! The only question you have to ask yourself is “who am I really talking to?”

When meeting people on-line you become more vulnerable and open to many types of scams and disappointments.

On-line creates a whole new platform of “imagination and role playing”.  On-line we can be anyone we want to be.  We can be 5’8” with long black hair, blue eyes, 125 lbs, with the perfect body, and the best career, and we put that out in cyberspace.

Remember the old saying “if it’s too good to be true”, on-line dating has carried that to the next level.  We put ourselves out there for anyone in the world to view!  We don’t realize that the person we are talking to on-line could be in another country and not our hometown.

Once you go on to any of the dating sites, you have just opened your front door for the whole world to view you!  So many “on-line members” have nothing better to do than sit at home looking for “new people” to prey on!

Please go on-line and see how many on-line dating sites there are and notice how they are all the same.  Not one stands out differently from the rest!  It is almost guaranteed that the “person” you are chatting with on one site is actually on a multitude of sites, saying the same words, sharing the same stories, and providing the same information to other “members” all over the world.

If someone wants to cause you harm, or borrow money from you the on-line dating sites are the best way to approach you without you knowing. Be vigilant against any “person” you meet on-line!

Our sophisticated on-line dating research service ensures that you remain safe while meeting individuals that you have met on-line and intend to meet in person. The data that we gather through our integrated databases will help you make an informed decision regarding the individual you are intending to meet.

Our unique system has several levels of research which will fit any budget. This private due diligence system unique to BCSI will provide you with a report of the individual you are looking to get to know better and therefore guarantee a more secure meeting. In some cases BCSI can provide a covert operator to monitor the first meeting to ensure safety.

The process is simple, our Firm requires the name, date of birth (if available), physical description and/or picture of the party, address (if available) and our search engines and sophisticated databases do the rest.

Our services are global and can assist when the party is located in a different country. Our professional fee includes a final written report with recommendations. In the event you are using dating sites on a regular basis, our VIP program can be used based on a preferred rate structure.

On-line Fraud

What is on-line fraud?

On-line fraud is a crime in which the criminal develops a scheme using the internet to take advantage of a person by using misleading information or concealment of information. On-line fraud results in millions of dollars lost each year. There are many different types of on-line fraud that people can fall victim to. They include but are not limited to: charity donation fraud, credit card fraud, cheque fraud, inheritance fraud, loan scams, lottery scams, on-line shopping fraud, and work from home scams.

Tips to prevent on-line fraud:

  • Don’t open emails from senders you don’t know
  • Monitor your account activity closely and watch for any unusual activity
  • Change on-line passwords every 60 days
  • Beware of emails with a sense of urgency for example messages like “Update now before we close your account”
  • Fraudulent emails typically have poor spelling and grammar
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date
  • Beware of emails offering you a prize

What is workplace fraud?

Workplace fraud happens when activities that involve dishonesty and deception decrease the value of a business. 26% of small business have been cheated by employees. The most common types of workplace fraud are misappropriation of company assets, misappropriation of inventory, or straight cash.

Workplace fraud statistics:

  • Among those victimized, 20% of small businesses experience employee fraud at least four times during the year
  • Statistics Canada data suggests there were approximately 87,695 cases of fraud officially recognized by police agencies
  • Fraud in the workplace cost Canadian small businesses $3.2 billion in 2010

What is credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is a term used for theft and fraud using a credit card or similar payment mechanism. There are three main types of credit card fraud which are when your card is lost or stolen and has been used to purchase goods and services, when a criminal obtains your credit card information and uses it for purchases by phone or on-line, or when a criminal tampers with payment terminals at retailers to obtain your information and creates a counterfeit card.

Tips to prevent credit card fraud:

  • Report a lost or stolen card as soon as you notice it’s missing
  • If your credit card has a chip use it whenever possible. This will protect you from having your card skimmed
  • Choose a PIN that is not easily detectible
  • Never give out your credit card information over the phone unless you know who you are dealing with
  • Protect your PIN and do not share it with anyone
  • Always check your card after making a purchase to ensure the correct card was returned to you
  • Protect your credit card like you would protect your cash. Never leave it unattended at work or in your car

Credit card fraud statistics:

  • Credit card fraud hit $436 million in 2011
  • Card not present fraud (where a criminal uses stolen information to make purchases over the phone or on-line) is the biggest and fastest growing type of credit card fraud in Canada
  • Card not present fraud has accounted for $259 million in losses in 2011
  • In 2009, 541,580 credit cards were compromised across the country

Matrimonial Matters and Infidelity

BCSI provides complete surveillance and covert operations when marital infidelity is suspected. This may involve physical and/or virtual surveillance, CCTV monitoring, computer forensic analysis, smart phone monitoring, GPS tracking, and other specialized tools. In some cases, when paternity is suspected “DNA” tests are available.

All of our operations are customized to your specific needs and the specific objectives of the operation. All evidence collected can be entered in court as evidence.

Family and Estate Matters

BCSI provides an integrated approach to family and estate matters such as the location of family members, due diligence of wills, and investigations of any suspicious activities by anyone involved with the processing of the will including the executor.

BCSI can also review investments forensically as well as informal division of assets when required. BCSI can help prevent illegal and fraudulent activities during these sensitive times. BCSI also provides other services such as title and asset searches. Our services ensure a fair allocation of assets based on the content of legal documents such as partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, wills, promissory notes, insurance policies, and more. BCSI works closely with your solicitor and/or notary public when clarification or a legal opinion is needed.

Social Media Matters (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Our technology associates can help you monitor social networks such as “Facebook”, “Instagram”, and “Twitter” for family members and can design an undercover operation to obtain information on these social networks when inappropriate activities are suspected.

These services can be included within the scope of a complete covert operation. Other investigative services can be included in the overall scope of the investigation.

Computer Forensics

What is Computer Forensics?

The word forensics means “to bring to the court”.

Computer forensics is defined as the discipline that combines elements of law and computer science to collect and analyze data from computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices in a way that is admissible in the court of law.

BCSI can assist you with the location and process of the evidence for court purposes.

Electronic Debugging and Countermeasures

BCSI provides complete residential and corporate office security sweeps regarding transmitting and covert recording devices. These services can be integrated within the scope of a complete covert operation.

Solicitor Support

BCSI provides complete solicitor support in the areas of Intellectual Property (IP) operations and enforcement. BCSI also provides other specialized services such as: location of witnesses, review and analysis of crime scenes such as “slip and fall”, undercover operations, witness forensic interviews and surveillance. BCSI can also assist in matrimonial matters where surveillance is required or other electronic investigative tools are required.

Corporate Investigations

Over the past 20 years BCSI has assisted several national and international companies with investigations involving matters such as corporate fraud, embezzlement, internet related matters, internal theft and other specialized services.

The following corporate services are available:

  • Counterfeit goods/trademark infringement
  • Background investigations
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate fraud and internal theft
  • Loyalty/integrity covert operations
  • Corporate espionage and counter measures
  • Undercover workplace investigations
  • Investigative consulting services (preventative and enforcement)
  • Personal injuries counter surveillance
  • Intellectual property enforcement
  • Embezzlement
  • Social network and internet brand monitoring
  • Asset location and enforcement
  • Customized investigative and enforcement operations

Luxury Counterfeit Goods

BCSI can provide its services to small companies and large corporations with a network of specialists. BCSI specializes in the area of counterfeit luxury goods and has had superior results over the past 20 years.

The undercover agents of BCSI were instrumental in obtaining the evidence to support the largest Federal Court Luxury Counterfeit Goods judgement in the amount of $2.5 million.

BCSI maintains an active database of counterfeit goods sold on-line and in retail stores. Its unique on-line search methods and covert operations ensure superior results.

Corporate Fraud and Internal Theft

Our fraud prevention and management systems are unique and highly effective. BCSI can assist small and medium sized businesses in establishing systems to prevent fraud or investigate any illegal activities that have taken place.

Corporate fraud has many faces, from illegal access and release of corporate information to competitors when leaving the company or illegal access to private information. Employees, associates, and even principals are often are at the core of corporate money laundering or forgery of legal documents.

Our team of fraud investigators can help you plan a proper course of action. The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants defines fraud as “an intentional act by one or more individuals among management, other employees, those charged with governance, or third parties involving the use of deception to obtain an illegal or unjust advantage”.

These actions may include misappropriation of cash or inventory, fraudulent financial reporting and money laundering.

Our investigative system for such crime is very precise:

  • Gathering of intelligence and evidence
  • Analysis of data
  • Presentation of evidence in a comprehensive report

The investigation may involve computer forensics for collection of data including but not limited to e-mails, documents, files, enhanced metafiles, database of computer usage, and on-line activities. This evidence is not only limited to computers but also tablets and smart phones.

Interviews of suspects and witnesses are also conducted. These interviews are conducted with a very precise plan in place and specific objectives.

The Firm can conduct in depth fraud investigations and therefore protect your company from serious losses.