Apple IOS System

Apple devices come equipped with several security features that are important in securing the data on your iPhone and/or iPad. Users do not always have the most secure settings on their phones as they usually prefer the convenience created by a device by saving information and providing quick access links to information. Breaking these habits is crucial to keeping your devices protected and secure against the increasing threats brought upon by hackers and data miners always innovating new ways to acquire the data from your device.shutterstock_189433727

Apple includes basic security features such as the pass codes and fingerprint identification to keep your device locked. The “find my iPhone” application allows you to track it if it is lost or stolen. There are a number of settings that include managing the location services and restrictions to be placed on the phone so as to prevent someone from accessing certain information or applications on your device.

If your phone is lost or stolen, Apple’s IOS features a setting which is enabled by the user to wipe your phone of all date after ten failed attempts at accessing the phone with an incorrect pass code. Apple offers several options to restrict access to someone or certain applications from viewing and collecting your data. These settings can be configured and then maintained by the user.

Our devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives whether it be business or personal. BCSI offers our unique service based on our client’s needs and work with them in ensuring that their device is secure for their personal, business, or child’s use.