Android Operating System

Android devices come pre-equipped with several security features that are essential in securing the data and information on your device. Users do not always have the most secure settings on their devices as people usually prefer the conveniences provided and already pre-installed by the device. This includes features such as saving personal information and providing quick access to information when we want to view it. Breaking these habits is crucial to keeping your devices protected and secure against the increasing threats brought upon by hackers and data miners who are always innovating new ways to acquire the data from your device. shutterstock_235998091

Android includes the basic features such as being able to use either a pass code, screen lock pattern, PIN or fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone and/or tablet. There are however, other security features that should be taken into consideration with any of your Android devices. Android offers features such as data encryption as well as settings to prevent unsafe applications from being downloaded onto your device.

Our devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives whether it be business and/or personal. BCSI offers our unique services that are based on our client’s needs allow us to work to ensure that the device/s is/are secure for personal, business and child’s use.