Private Investigations

BCSI offers a multitude of unique and specialized investigative services with a focus on superior results and client service.

Our Comprehensive Integrated Investigative System (CIIS) is unique to BCSI and based on 20 years of successful results. This advanced integrated system is used for all investigations and adapted to each specific case and the intended results.

All of our cases can be adapted for potential civil litigations and/or criminal charges. BCSI provides complete lawyer support and can provide evidence and testimonies to support your case.

From missing persons to “DNA Tests” BCSI offers the most advanced investigative services using state of the art equipment. Our Firm’s success rate is over 90%.

Specialized Integrated Investigations

Our agents have investigated crimes such as, cyber-crimes, due diligence, assaults, murders, fraud, missing persons, infidelity matters, family issues, personal injuries, medical malpractice, financial matters, international thefts, embezzlement, harassment, and other specialized investigations.

Other types of investigative services and undercover operations are customized to your specific needs.

The delivery of our investigative services is as unique as our Firm. The integration of all our security services and the extensive use of online methodology ensures the most effective results in a timely fashion. Our state of the art approach ensures that the best results are obtained within a proposed budget.