Monthly Archives: February 2023

Top 5 Most Common Phone Call Scams – Part A

The Investigator Newsletter Volume 15 | Issues 5 February 28th, 2023 Free Vacation and Prize Scams Warrant Threat Scams Fake Charity Scams Scammers will call, or leave a voicemail, letting their victims know that they have won a free vacation, cruise, or prize. Sadly, this is not the truth, and they only want your sensitive Read More

Puppy Scams… a Heart-Breaking Tragedy

The Investigator Newsletter Volume 15 | Issue 4 February 9th, 2023 Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the increase for people wanting pets has skyrocketed. This large-scale increase of online pet shopping has come with a not-so-fun increase in online pet scams. The pandemic has allowed scammers to do their job in a much Read More

Romance Scams – Valentine’s Day Edition

The Investigator Newsletter Volume 15 | Issue 3 February 7th, 2023 Valentine’s Day is approaching, and although it is supposed to be a time full of love and joy, it can also be a time full of loss to those who fall victim to romance scams. As the month of love is getting closer than ever, Read More