Credit Card Fraud

What is credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is a term used for theft and fraud using a credit card or similar payment mechanism. There are three main types of credit card fraud which are when your card is lost or stolen and has been used to purchase goods and services, when a criminal obtains your credit card information and uses it for purchases by phone or on-line, or when a criminal tampers with payment terminals at retailers to obtain your information and creates a counterfeit card.

Tips to prevent credit card fraud:

  • Report a lost or stolen card as soon as you notice it’s missing
  • If your credit card has a chip use it whenever possible. This will protect you from having your card skimmed
  • Choose a PIN that is not easily detectible
  • Never give out your credit card information over the phone unless you know who you are dealing with
  • Protect your PIN and do not share it with anyone
  • Always check your card after making a purchase to ensure the correct card was returned to you
  • Protect your credit card like you would protect your cash. Never leave it unattended at work or in your car

We specialize in fraud and have been involved in many cases to assist in many varied levels of credit card fraud.