Online Dating

Have you ever gone online to find that “special person”, “soul mate” or the “love of your life”?  Most of us have! The only question you have to ask yourself is “who am I really talking to?”

When meeting people online you become more vulnerable and open to many types of scams and disappointments.

On-line creates a whole new platform of “imagination and role playing”.  Online we can be anyone we want to be.  We can be 5’8” with long black hair, blue eyes, 125 lbs, with the perfect body, and the best career, and we put that out in cyberspace.

Remember the old saying “if it’s too good to be true”, online dating has carried that to the next level.  We put ourselves out there for anyone in the world to view!  We don’t realize that the person we are talking to online could be in another country and not our hometown.

Once you go on to any of the dating sites, you have just opened your front door for the whole world to view you!  So many “online members” have nothing better to do than sit at home looking for “new people” to prey on!

Please go online and see how many online dating sites there are and notice how they are all the same.  Not one stands out differently from the rest!  It is almost guaranteed that the “person” you are chatting with on one site is actually on a multitude of sites, saying the same words, sharing the same stories, and providing the same information to other “members” all over the world.

If someone wants to cause you harm, or borrow money from you the online dating sites are the best way to approach you without you knowing. Be vigilant against any “person” you meet online!

Our sophisticated online dating research service ensures that you remain safe while meeting individuals that you have met online and intend to meet in person. The data that we gather through our integrated databases will help you make an informed decision regarding the individual you are intending to meet.

Our unique system has several levels of research which will fit any budget. This private due diligence system unique to BCSI will provide you with a report of the individual you are looking to get to know better and therefore guarantee a more secure meeting. In some cases BCSI can provide a covert operator to monitor the first meeting to ensure safety.

The process is simple, our Firm requires the name, date of birth (if available), physical description and/or picture of the party, address (if available) and our search engines and sophisticated databases do the rest.

Our services are global and can assist when the party is located in a different country. Our professional fee includes a final written report with recommendations. In the event you are using dating sites on a regular basis, our VIP program can be used based on a preferred rate structure.